About STIS

Sierra Technologies and Industrial Specialties

The Company

Sierra Technologies and Industrial Specialties (STIS) is the manufacturer of  Ecomate®

Over 26 years in specialty chemical manufacturing and substrate preparation for electrochemical processing, the founder and President Mr. Olabisi Carlton-Carew, leads the technical team of well qualified associates including chemists, chemical engineers, environmental/Safety engineer and production managers with extensive knowledge in manufacturing via Statistical Process Control applications.  It is the company’s belief that primary emphasis must be placed on its technical team which in turn culminates into quality products, effective technical and customer services.  Another significant responsibility for the technical team is to provide support and training to itself and more importantly to STIS experienced Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Distribution departments.

Cleaners and Degreasers

The goal of STIS has always been to produce cleaners and degreasers that are environmentally friendly and can serve as proven replacements for hard, ozone depleting and other hazardous organic solvent cleaners. Evaluation and testing of Ecomate® products by both governmental and private entities found these products to be effective and friendly to the environment. Several Ecomate® products received approvals, awards contracts and certification from users like the Boeing, City of Phoenix and San Diego, DLA (Military), Honeywell Engines, Kaiser Aluminum, US Postal Services, Washington State Ferries to name a few.

Common to all STIS products are high quality standards, performance reliability, environmental compatibility and end-user safety. This goal is reflective on the fact that, after 15 years of millions of gallons produced and sold, there have never been any returns of Ecomate® products.

Other Business

Sierra Technologies and Industrial Specialties, offers design and fabrication of process tanks (stainless steel or plastic) to your specification.


  • Honeywell
  • Kaiser Aluminum
  • Parker Aerospace
  • City of Phoenix
  • City of Seattle
  • USPS