Superior cleaning that's environmentally friendly

Ecomate®-BC Bicycle Degreaser/Cleaner

General Information

Ecomate®-BC is the safe solution to effectively degrease and clean bicycle parts and frames. Uniquely formulated water-based chemistry for the bicycle industry does not contain hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOC) or d-limonene (i.e., citrus compounds). The Ecomate®-BC formulation conforms to the stringent Proposition 65 legislation of California. It is the product of choice where user safety and environmental concern is a must.

Typical Uses

Effectively removes carbon, grime, soft drinks, grease, oil, and wax build-up from bicycle frames and parts. Ecomate®-BC is free rinsing

Other Benefits

Safe for removing chain grease from hands. Can be used in immersion parts washer, high-pressure sprayer and ultrasonic systems. It is more effective when heated.