Building Maintenance

USDA Approved Multi-Purpose Cleaner for building maintainece and cleaning.

Building Maintenance & Vessels


MPC-LabelMultipurpose Cleaner and Degreaser for Janitorial services, Building Maintenance, Offices, Restaurants, Institutions, Homes and Marine Vessels. Our
Ecomate® MPC
formula is great as a degreaser, wax stripper, spray & wipe, kitchen appliances, floor cleaner, carpet shampoo/extractor, concrete cleaner, stain remover and anything else you might encounter. To supply your company or building with our Ecomate® MPC, please contact us using our business inquiry form found here or contact our office at 480-966-2892.



Floor Cleaner

Wax Stripper with STIS Pads

Kitchen Appliances

Carpet Shampoo/extractor

Spray and Wipe

Concrete Cleaner

Stain Remover Carpet/Upholstery


No Butyl Products Or Derivatives- No Volatile Organic Compounds- No Petroleum Distillates- No Enzyme, Acids Or Harsh Alkali- Biodegradable (per EPA standard)- Non-Toxic- Non Hazardous To Skin, Respiratory Or Reproductive Organs- No Phosphates, Citrus Extracts, Chlorinated Organic Solvents


The Ecomate® Multi-Blend Dispenser is compact and measures 10”L x 4.5”Wx 5”D. It is capable of dispensing from container units of 1 gallon to 275 gallon tote. When used with the concentrated Ecomate®-MPC, its four channel selector settings, delivers Ready-To-Use products for multiple applications.
Flow is fast enough to fill mop buckets, extractor reservoirs, also controlled enough to fill gallons jugs and spray bottles. Pre-selected metering tips determine blending proportions. There are no metering screws to adjust, no electrical connection to mount and no elaborate plumbing to install. Easy wall mount installation in minutes, precise mixing.