Parts Cleaning

Extremely powerful, yet extremely gentle.



The Ecomate FN and Ecomate FN-GEL are excellent industrial cleaners, degreasers and carbon remover. These products insure sound surface preparation of metals and composite material, used in final or subsequent processes (plating, painting, repair and overhaul, etc.).


VERSATILE: Can be used in deep tanks, parts washer, high-pressure sprays and ultrasonic cleaners.

FREE RINSING: Leave parts residue free.

USDA APPROVED: NON-TOXIC, Ensures healthy working environment.

EFFECTIVE CLEANER: Removes carbon deposits and prevents redeposition of soil.

NON-HAZARDOUS: To skin, respiratory or reproductive organs. Contains no mineral acids, D-Limonene or terpene products.

NON-FLAMMABLE: Low bath loss during processing alleviating frequent adds.

BIODEGRADABLE: Easier waste disposal compared to conventional systems.

ANALYTICAL PROCEDURE: For determining life of products through technical support. LIQUID PRODUCT: Requires no dissolving of harsh powders.

COMPATIBLE: With acclimated microorganisms for grease digestion systems. NON VOLATILE ORGANIC PRODUCTS


  • Boeing Company Specification: BAC 5763 · BAC 5749
  • Honeywell Engineering Specification: EMS 53170
  • NavalAviation test results: “Alkaline cleaners are straight forward water-dilutable cleaners. The winner in this category is Ecomate FN.. Will remove everything from light oils to carbon or burnt oil and greases. Will replace all or most of the uses of 1,1,1 tricholoroethane”
  • Effective in cleaning and degreasing metals like aluminum and magnesium, which are easily stained during processing by alkaline products.
  • Meets specifications for Group 1 & Group ll substrates.
  • Group 1 Substrates: Aluminum, Magnesium, Tin/Lead.
  • Group ll Substrates: Copper, Brass, Gold, Low Alloy Steel, Silver, Stainless Steel and Composite Materials.
  • Test Approvals: Stock loss Corrosion, Sandwich Corrosion, Titanium Stress Corrosion, Hydrogen Embitterment, Paint Surface Test, Acrylic Crazing Test, etc.



The power and application of the Ecomate-FN combined with the ability of a slow flowing gel, enhanced vertical retention of the cleaner or parts that are impractical to process within an immersion system. Can be sprayed or brushed on to remove high carbon deposits (Aircraft, Automobile, etc.)



Biodegradable, free rinsing foam reducer for aqueous systems. It is compatible with all ECOMATE systems and effective in reducing foam in spray equipment, parts washer or conveyorized systems. It is a non-silicone, non-kerosene antifoaming agent.