Unique Environmentally Responsible Multipurpose Cleaner

Ecomate MPC - Multi Purpose Cleaner

“The Environmentally Friendly Cleaner of Choice”

The Ecomate®-MPC is environmentally friendly, biodegradable Multi Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser. It is effective for cleaning hospitals, homes, office buildings, food services, marine vessels, automobile and other institutions. Besides being an effective cleaner, some of the benefits the Ecomate®-MPC offers are ease of use, promotes “Pollution Prevention”, facilitates training, minimize storage space and improve safety.

Ecomate®-MPC is available as a super concentrated product and can be dispensed manually or through STIS Multi-Blend Dispenser.



Non-Toxic – Odorless – USDA Approved

  • Carpet Shampoo/Extractor
  • Stain Remover for Carpet and/or Upholstery. Spray on heavy soiled spots with a spray bottle.
  • Floor Cleaner – Concrete, Tile, or Linoleum. For best results, mop then rinse.
  • Medium and Heavy Wax Stripper. Apply with hot water and soak.
  • Spray and Wipe – spray on walls, flat surfaces, counter tops, sinks, etc.
  • Heavy De-greaser. Use in a spray bottle, mop bucket, or pressure washer (use heated pressure washer for best results).
  • Kitchen Appliances and Industrial Machines
  • Can be heated between 80-160 F to leach, clean and degrease dip fryers.
  • Ingredient List

1 Product, 8 Applications

Carpet Cleaner

Floor Cleaner
Kitchen Appliances

Concrete Cleaner
Spray and Wipe

Stain Remover
Wax Stripper

Environmental, Health & Safety Attributes

USDA Approved
No phosphates

PH < 11
Non Toxic
No VOC’s

No harsh alkaline
No enzymes
No Endocrine Modifiers

No Butyl Derivatives
No D-limonene
Conform to prop.65