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Ecomate SDIP - Product Line

General Information

Ecomate®-SDIP is an environmentally friendly, general purpose, ultrasonic cleaner and degreaser for surgical and dental instruments, prosthetics and rigid surfaces. It replaces hazardous caustics and hard chemicals in your cleaning and degreasing applications. This fully aqueous-based cleaner is effective as a penetrant, wetting agent and solubilizer. It is a good fit in the infection control process (it is not a sterilant).

Typical Uses

Ecomate®-SDIP is especially formulated to inhibit rust, prevent redeposition of soils, and control cavitation pressure in ultrasonic systems. When used in ultrasonic systems, it is highly effective for removing soils from blind holes, internal treads, and far-reaching crevices. It also effectively removes debris, plaster stone, dried blood, tartar, coffee, and iodine stains without harming the substrate.


Non-Toxic – Non-Flammable – Non-Fuming

  • Removes debris as well as dried blood, tartar, iodine, and coffee stains.
  • Safe for dental and surgical instruments and dentures. Will not harm the substrate.
  • Apply through hand scrubbing, ultrasonic systems, soak tanks and spraying.
  • Effective in cleaning blind holes, internal threads and crevices when used in ultrasonic tanks. Excellent for infection control. Not a sterilant.
  • Specially formulated to inhibit rust, prevent redeposition of soil and control cavitation pressure.
  • Operating temperature 80-160 F for more cleaning power.
  • Other Benefits: Versatile application, completely water soluble, sewer disposable, USDA approved
  • Ingredient Disclosure

Other Benefits

The versatility of Ecomate®-SDIP will reduce chemical stockpile, by replacing pre-soak, ultrasonic and *enzymatic chemistries. Enzymes are prohibited from STIS formulation, since the presence of foreign enzyme in the body can contribute to mucus attack, arterial intima and formation of scar tissue, that collaborate with cholesterol in the formation of plaque

Versatile Application

Completely water soluble

Sewer Disposable


No Phosphates



Free Rinsing

*No Enzyme

Cleaning Applications

Soak Tray or Tanks:
Hand Scrubbing:
Automatic Washer:
Automatic Washer:

Avoid caking of soils on instruments while waiting to be processed
Hand scrubbing of instruments with intricate sections /general hand scrubbing prior to batch processing
Batch Cleaning through ultrasonic system
Washer/Sterilizer lines for instruments and trays
High pressure spray for carts and similar equipment

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